November 15, 2023

Elon Musk’s new AI startup xAI now redirects to the domain, which just recently was the home of OpenAI's ChatGPT. now sends users to a page announcing xAI. The site outlines the new startup’s formation. No confirmation has been given by either Musk or X (formerly Twitter) that a deal for the domain took place. OpenAI had only purchased the domain from Google some five months prior. No official amount of how much OpenAI paid for the domain was disclosed. However, speculation online pointed to a sum of $11 million. XAI also uses the domain Dynadot is listed as the registrar for the domain, with registered since December 2017. WHOIS data on the domain only reveals the owners as being based in San Mateo, some 20 minutes away from the X headquarters in San Francisco. Who owns

Who owns

The domain, which used to direct to ChatGPT, now redirects users to xAI, an AI company owned by Elon Musk. Separate from X Corp, xAI claims on its website that it "will work closely with X," the social media company formerly known as Twitter — including using posts on X as training for its large language model. The high-value domain name changed hands in 2021, sat idle for a while, and then suddenly started redirecting to ChatGPT in February. For ChatGPT users, it was a helpful shortcut if they didn't have the site bookmarked and couldn't quite remember the precise URL for the chatbot (, for the record). To be clear, never directly claimed that OpenAI was the buyer, and this change certainly calls that possibility into question — but it also creates a mystery: Did someone pay millions for a domain name out of sheer enthusiasm for ChatGPT, and then experience a shift in loyalty? Could it be that the owner really is OpenAI, and it was hacked? Or did Elon Musk just go ahead and write a big, fat check for the domain name on a lark, like that time he suddenly threw a famous social media brand into the woodchipper of history?

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